Adding Space to a Space – CASE STUDY
by Melanie Cowie


Plymouth College Prep

Plymouth College is a HMC independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 3 to 18.  Plymouth College has been providing an excellent education to pupils from Plymouth, all over the UK and around the world since we were founded in 1877. Their mission is to Educate, Enrich and Empower their pupils so that they develop into rounded, grounded, interesting, happy and confident young adults.


  • Suite of music rooms
  • Theatre
  • Sports Hall
  • Extensive playing fields
  • 25m indoor Swimming pool 
  • Astroturf 
  • Dedicated outdoor safe playing space
  • ICT suite
  • Fully equipped science laboratory


Create a bespoke vinyl wrap of an entire school staircase within the Science block.  Using images of space, create a sense of wonder, exploration and inspiration.

We have worked with Plymouth College for a number of years providing advertising, content, graphic design and literature but this is the first time we have designed a graphic wall wrap of such a large area. Using vinyl wraps with strong graphic design creates stunning, picture-perfect wall graphics for just about any surface, including highly-textured materials and bricks. No matter how big or how ambitious the design, we can make it work.

Vinyl Wall art that inspires

Before designing the interior graphics/wall decals we looked at colours that work best in the light of the stairwell.  Using key colours and placing of images, meant that we could bring the walls to life and totally transform the  space, giving it a unique, eye-catching feel for students, teachers and parents alike.

“When you’re trying to create an impact in your environment – be it for an office or a public facing commercial space, staring at the blank walls, most people try and imagine how art pieces, promotional posters and signage could be attached to transform the space and get the impact they want,”  said Mykreative’s  Design Director Mike Holden .  “But, what if you looked at it differently? Instead of thinking about what you could attach to a blank wall to conceal it and create a visual impact – what if the wall itself became the impact, portraying your brand and company message?”

After Initial concept designs and approval, the printing and installation was quick and seamless totally transforming the space into a lively, bright area for all to enjoy and be inspired by. Using illustrations and text, the area is also informative and educational.

A custom wall wrap is, essentially, a graphic image or design that is printed onto vinyl and then installed onto a wall. They can be customized to meet your individual needs and are one of the simplest and most-effective ways to create true wow factor in your business premises. 

When it comes to designing the graphic for your custom wall wrap, you have a bigger blank canvas than ever before – so be imaginative! 

Get creative with the design

When it comes to design, the sky’s the limit. Your wall is one giant blank canvas and the only restriction is your imagination. From bold and lively text to enlarged photographs, pop-art style illustrations, to huge maps, your options are truly endless.

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