Are you ready for the rise of Gen Z?
by Melanie Cowie

You may be great at marketing to Millennials, but now it’s time to focus on Generation Z. The fast-emerging and soon-to-be largest consumer group that you cannot afford to ignore.

Do you know who they are? What drives their decisions? What they value in a brand?

This generation is value-conscious and drawn to brands that “keep it real.” They’re creative, bold, and the creators of many trends on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other platforms. And they require a slightly different approach than their millennial counterparts.

So how do you connect with a generation of digital experts?

Although there isn’t an exact date range, Generation Z includes those born in the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. More specifically, Gen Z is today’s teenagers and those in their early 20s. That means the oldest members of Generation Z are in university or just graduating.

For businesses, this is key. It means that Gen Z are starting to enter the workforce – and as their earning power increases, so will their buying power.

So, regardless of your market, Generation Z represents a huge opportunity for sustainable business growth.

How to market to Gen Z?


1. Your Business Needs a Purpose

Generation Z cares about the world. According to a study by the National Retail Federation, they’re “more serious about this” than any other generation. For this reason, 55% of Gen Z choose brands that are eco-friendly and socially responsible. So make sure you highlight your company values – and more importantly, demonstrate how you live by them.


2. Optimize Your Mobile Experience

According to a report by IBM 55% of Generation Z selected a mobile phone or smartphone as the device they use most. On average, teens today get their first phone when they are 12 or 13 years old. In comparison, those who are 25 to 34 years old, received their first smartphone when they were 20. According to Google Gen Z mostly uses smartphones to make online purchases.


3. Understand That Gen Z Uses Social Networks Differently

Understanding how Generation Z uses each popular social media platform is crucial in creating content and ads that resonate.

Generation Z uses different social networking platforms for different activities.

According to a study recently conducted by Response Media, Generation Z:

Showcase their aspirational selves on Instagram
Share real-life moments on Snapchat
Get the news on Twitter
Glean information from Facebook

Plus, Market Wired revealed that Instagram is the most popular app for brand discovery, with 45% of teens using it to find new products.


4. Partner with Micro-Influencers

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to build your brand and business. Google recently found that 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers relate to YouTube creators more than traditional celebrities.

And when it comes to shopping recommendations, YouTube is Generation Z’s platform of choice at 24% followed by Instagram at 17% and Facebook at 16%


Generation Z has arrived. And you’d be a fool to ignore them.

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