3 Key Social Media Challenges Companies Face in 2018
by Mike Holden

According to Hootsuite’s 2018 trends research and surveys, we’ve uncovered the three biggest challenges organizations will face next year.


Finding sustainable solutions to declining organic reach

Brands must accept that organic reach is steadily declining and stop relying on short-term tactics that used to work. Instead, businesses need to start building sustainable strategies. This means being more selective when it comes to the networks you post content on, and investing more in social ads as well as influencer and/or advocacy strategies.


Social video surges ahead—but we’re approaching saturation

Spending on social video advertising grew 130 percent last year with no sign of stopping.

While social video is effective, businesses need to make sure they’re creating content that actually reflects their business objectives. If the social video your organization produces can’t be tied to any real metric or measurable business value, it’s time to rethink your strategy.


Brands fatigue from new tools and tactics

During their research, Hootsuite heard a common complaint from our customers: They’re fatigued with the endless list of new tactics, tools, and content formats.

In 2018, implementation and effective measurement of existing strategies will be more important than the introduction of new tactics.

While social networks continue to innovate and build new ways to reach audiences, marketers are under pressure to prove that their existing social strategies merit continued investment. Future investments need to have a demonstrable business impact beyond classic vanity metrics.


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